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Why is branding so important? Part 2: Our uniforms

We’ve talked about how important it is to have branded, easy to recognise vehicles when transporting your child. But why do we need branded uniforms on top of this? Is it necessary?

One of the top questions we are asked by parents is “How will my child identify their driver?” We understand the stress this can cause both parent and child. As such we take our branded uniforms very seriously and ensure our drivers are easy to recognise at all times. They will always be wearing their branded uniforms together with a clearly visible name tag. If they are not, then they aren’t one of our drivers!

The danger of your child travelling with a stranger is very real and it is something we know you would never risk, and neither would we. At Cool (kids’) Cabs we don’t believe that a child should EVER be expected to go with a stranger! As such, our branded uniforms provide that extra level of security, especially when our drivers are out of their branded vehicle walking to a classroom to pick up your child. This visibility is also beneficial for teachers so they can easily identify who is collecting your child.

We also understand the importance of your child seeing the same face, in the same uniform on a regular basis. This consistency plays a huge role in making your child feel calm and comfortable. This year we have teamed up with renowned brand Maxi-Cosi to create our beautiful blue uniforms which our drivers will be wearing for the year. As a brand we will only ever partner with like-minded brands who have child safety at the fore of what they do.

In order to ensure your child feels 100% safe with their driver we recommend the following:

  • Set up a time to meet the driver before the first collection. We find this provides much needed peace of mind for parent and child. We also feel it’s very important for your child to know their main driver but also their back up drivers should the need arise to use them. We are happy to set up these meetings at a time convenient for you.
  • Download your driver’s profile. On our website we have full driver profiles that you can easily print and keep to hand. It is also a good idea to give this to your teacher ahead of any collections so that they can identify who is collecting your child. You can find these profiles here.


Your child’s lifting arrangements shouldn’t give them (or you) any cause for uncertainty or anxiety. We know that children need stability and reliability which is why we take our branding seriously. Our focus will always be on the utmost safety for your child.

At Cool (kids’) Cabs, we KNOW that we’re carrying the future!