The safest scholar transport in South Africa

Why is branding so important? Part 1: Our vehicles

It’s no secret that our vehicles are clearly branded. Our awesome cab toppers are the first thing anybody sees on our cabs and they make them unmissable!

But why stand out like this? Is it really that important? The simple answer is yes! Our branding forms part of our commitment to safety. Our easy to spot cars are unmistakable, making it simple for your child to identify and difficult for the school to confuse.

The potential danger of a child being handed over to the wrong person is an enormous risk which cannot be overlooked. We take this very seriously. Your child needs to feel confident that they can fully recognise the vehicle and their mobile caregiver when they are being collected.

Safe scholar transportation extends far beyond adhering to the rules of the road. Our obsession with safety extends to every bit of our operation, from inception through to execution. When deciding on how to brand and where to place the branding we asked ourselves the following questions:

1. What would make our vehicles easy to identify;
2. What would deter potential hijackers;
3. What would give parents and children peace of mind that they were part of a bigger picture, and not just a one-woman-band operating from her garage?

With this in mind, we decided to use cab toppers as well as branding on the doors and main body of all our vehicles to ensure maximum visibility and peace of mind for children, parents and teachers.

The benefits to having a highly branded vehicle also extend even further. Firstly, the public feels a communal commitment to report transgressions and monitor drivers as they become used to seeing the Cool (kids’) Cabs branding. Secondly, employees are also far less likely to transgress when they know that they are visible and being noticed by the public. Lastly, and most importantly, highly branded vehicles are a much lower hijack risk. An unbranded Toyota Avanza/Corolla is one of the highest risks on the road from a security perspective!

At Cool (kids’) Cabs, safety informs every decision we make. Our branding is not purely for marketing’s sake but rather as the best means to make children and parents feel comfortable and safe when getting into our vehicles. All our vehicles will always be branded to give you and your family complete peace of mind.