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Twisted straps can be dangerous

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Twisted straps can be dangerous

Getting children in and out of the car can often be stressful especially on those mornings you are running late and just need to get everyone in the car as quickly as possible. It is very possible to miss a twisted strap when buckling your child in but this can be very dangerous.

Straps that are not positioned correctly, not tight enough or twisted can harm your child should you be in an accident. Your child’s car seat straps should fit snugly over their shoulders and you shouldn’t be able to fit more than 2 fingers under the strap. The straps also need to be straight and not twisted in any way.

This is a really quick and easy way to untangle twisted straps.

If the straps are twisted they are not able to evenly distribute the impact of a car accident and will not be able to provide the full protection to your child and they could end up getting hurt.

You can use the PINCH TEST to check if your child’s straps are tight enough. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the straps, if you are able to pinch a fold then the straps are not tight enough.Pinch Test | Cool Kids Cabs

Take those few extra minutes to check that the straps are tight enough and straight.

Cool Kids Cabs takes car seat safety very seriously and all our children are transported in age appropriate car seats, provided by Cool Kids Cabs, so there is no need to worry about dropping car seats off with your child. Teens and older children will always wear their seat belts and our drivers are all regularly trained in car seat safety, so they will check that seat belts and car seat straps are correctly fastened.

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Cool Kid’s Cabs are proud supporters of the #CarseatFullstop campaign. For more information on this initiative you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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