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Travels with kids – Part 2

Flying! At the best of times flying somewhere on holiday can be stressful. Add kids to the mix and things get interesting…to say the least! But take a deep breath…everything will be ok.

Having flown locally on a few occasions with my kids I can safely say that 1. It can be done, 2. You will survive and 3. The destination is always worth the trip.

But how do you get to the point where flying with your children doesn’t fill you with dread?

As with any trip, prepping and packing smartly is key.Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Make sure each child has their own hand luggage bag. Make these fun and something they would want to pull or carry. Be smart in ensuring you pack all the essentials in their hand luggage!

Entertainment is vital. Electronic devices can be a lifesaver. Download some of their favourite shows from Netflix before you leave to ensure they are kept happy. As local flights won’t have any screen entertainment it’s important to bring your own. And make sure all devices are FULLY charged. For younger children, I’ve found sticker books are a good distraction. Avoid bringing games with small pieces that can drop and easily get lost on the flight.

Food. I’m a feeder, but with good reason. Kids are happy when they have something to snack on and it makes the time go by faster for them. So, make sure each hand luggage bag has their favourite snacks and drinks.

Realise that it won’t be perfect. This isn’t you sauntering onto a flight pre-kids, all put together, breezing on and off the plane like a pro. This is the trenches. And that’s OK. Just accept that it will be chaotic, but that you will get through it.Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

On that note – don’t worry so much about the other passengers. Obviously within reason be kind and courteous but at the end of the day kids are kids. They will scream, they will throw chips on someone’s head (a true story) and they will annoy someone on the flight. You can’t please everyone so don’t try too. The majority of people are very understanding and supportive.

Clothes. Make sure you have spare clothes for all children. There will be a poonami or accident when the seat-belt sign is on and you can’t get to the toilets – it’s Murphy’s Law. But if you have a change of clothes (and nappies) it will all be fine. That said, your clothes will get dirty. Whether it’s bodily fluids from your child or the inevitable ‘let’s use mom as a serviette’ after eating something sticky. So best pack a spare outfit just in case.

Flying with kids isn’t easy but don’t let the prospect of it consume you with fear…your kids can smell that on you. But seriously, with a bit of clever packing and a positive attitude the time will go by and you will soon be at your holiday destination which will make it all worthwhile.

Are you flying with your kids this holiday? Let us know how it goes!

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids