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Our top tips to help manage your time more effectively

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Our top tips to help manage your time more effectively

There isn’t a parent, working or otherwise, who hasn’t said “there aren’t enough hours in the days. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or 4, trying to juggle everything when you become a parent can get overwhelming at times. There often seems like there is just too much to do and not enough time. Managing time effectively is something many parents struggle with.Time Management | Cool (kids') Cabs

Hopefully by implementing some of these tops tips, you will be able to simplify your life and make your daily routines easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

  1. Prioritize. Everything may feel like it is important, but if you assess it you will find that there are things that don’t need to be done immediately. Spend some time once a week prioritizing what needs to be done. This exercise alone will help to ease the pressure slightly.
  2. Multitask. This can potentially free up time for you to use else where. If you take the train into work, get a head start on replying to emails. Are you sitting in the car waiting for children to finish their extra muruals, use that time to plan your weekly meals or go through homework with your other children.
  3. Organise and Plan ahead. Make use of one calendar, it could be online or it could be a monthly calendar stuck on your fridge for everyone to see. Include everyone’s activities so that you are able to see an overview of who needs to be where, when. Most schools do have event calendars a few months in advance, update your calendar to include the events that affect you and your family.Time Management | Cool (kids') Cabs
  4. Ask for help. Outsource where you can, this will immediately free up time and reduce your stress dramatically. Outsourcing things like the cleaning of your home and your child’s daily transportation means that when you are with your family you aren’t rushing or worrying about getting things done. Other moms could also be a great source of help, don’t be afraid to ask them for help.
  5. Involve your family. It is possible for children to help out. Older children can pack their own school bags and make sure they have everything the need. Make them a checklist that they can check before leaving the house. Let your children know what the morning/afternoon routine is so they know what to expect.
  6. Say no. You do not have to accept every invite you receive or serve on every school committee. If your plate is too full, say no, you can always get involved at a later stage if you have time.
  7. Get an early start. Waking up before your family every morning can make a huge difference to your day. This is a perfect time to do plan your day, reply to emails or just take some time for yourself.

How do you manage your time? We would love to hear your tips and ideas.

Remember Cool (kids’) Cabs offers ad hoc lifting as well as daily lifting. If you need help for a few days while you are away or busy with a big work project, let us know and let us help make your life easier.

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