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Strapping your stubborn toddler in: A few tips    

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Strapping your stubborn toddler in: A few tips    

Some kids happily jump into their car sears, there are toddlers though, who simple hate being buckled up and scream the second you try to buckle them up. As stressful as this can be for both the parents and the child, never compromise on your child’s safety. They need to be strapped into their car seat every single time they get into a car.

Our Cool (kids’) Cabs drivers all have child care experience and know how to deal with an unwilling child. Very often they are able to get your child strapped in much easier.

We do have a few tips and suggestions for calming your toddler and making sure you can get them strapped in easily and stress free.Car Seats | Cool (kids') Cabs

Distract. Start trying to distract your child before you actually get into the car. Engage them in a conversation or start singing a song or doing something they enjoy so they aren’t focused on getting into their car seat.

Offer a treat/reward. Rewards can also work well to encourage your toddler to get into their seat without a fight. If you have a star chart at home, add this to the activities and give them a star each time they get in their car seat without a fight.

Save some special toys for the car. Pack a little bag of special toys that your child can only play with in the car. This will help to keep them distracted while you strap them in. Once they are in the toys will help to keep them occupied.

Some children are happy to let you strap them in but start crying once you head out. Try some of these to make the trip easier.

Use a car mobile. Mobiles are a great way to try distract your child.

Set up a plastic mirror if your child is rear facing. If your child is in a rear facing seat, you can install a little plastic mirror that allows them to see you, which can help to calm them. Avoid a glass mirror as these can crack or break and become safety hazards.

Play some fun music. Get a CD for your car that has some of your child’s favourite music on. Start playing it as soon as you get into the car. Encourage your child to sing along with their favorite songs.Car Seats | Cool (kids') Cabs

If none of these tips and tricks work, don’t be tempted to leave your child unstrapped in their car seat. It can be stressful but if you know that your child is not in pain, sometimes you have to just grin and bear it.

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