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SMS Notifications

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SMS Notifications

Okay, so your child’s transportation service claims that they offer SMS notifications – That’s wonderful news!

Or is it?

We get it, SMS notifications can provide a huge relief to parents, especially when you’re stuck in a meeting and left wondering whether your child has been collected and dropped off at home, or if they’re wandering outside their school, waiting for someone to collect them. But if incorrectly used, SMS notifications can be a distraction to your child’s driver and creates a false sense of security for you as a parent.

It’s important to consider exactly how SMS Notifications are being used and whether they’re helpful or creating more danger to worry about. You should be asking the following questions:

  • Is your driver having to remove his/her focus from the road to send the SMS notification themselves?  If so, this only increases the risk of a car accident or hi-jacking, not to mention that it’s illegal to use your mobile phone while driving.


  • Is there any way that the SMS notification could be manipulated to suit the driver?  As an example, if the driver is running late, is there any chance she could send the SMS notification before even collecting your child? What does this mean for your child’s safety while they wait for the driver?


  • Are the SMS notifications consistent and reliable? Receiving SMS notifications can provide comfort and reassurance but not receiving one due to human error can cause unnecessary panic and worry.


At Cool (kids’) Cabs we pride ourselves on providing parents with complete peace of mind, which means that when you trust us to transport your children, you can trust that we will keep you updated with SMS notifications, but here’s what we do differently:

  • Our SMS notifications are NOT sent by our drivers. We believe there is simply no need for a driver to be fiddling on their phone, risking the safety of themselves and the children that they’ve been trusted to transport.


  • We use state-of-the-art technology to offer a premium service, which includes SMS notifications which are generated from our centralised control room where our skilled team of trackers follow your child’s journey from point A to B, communicating their movements with you and assuring their safety.


  • Our SMS notifications are consistent and parents can rely on receiving messages each day, alerting them for collection, drop off as well as any delays we might encounter.

Our approach to SMS notifications is just another feature that sets Cool (kids’) Cabs apart from the rest. We don’t compromise and make sure to cover the safety concerns you haven’t even thought of yet! But take it from Terence, a father of two and local daddy blogger who was kind enough to share his experience using our Cool (kids’) Cabs.

This week. This gloriously productive week. Not having to interrupt my working day with the school run has meant that I’ve had more time and emotional reserves to get my work done. Instead of doing the mad-dash at 12:30, I would glance at my phone to see the confirmation of collection SMS. Two seconds for reassurance, another two when the next SMS told me that the boys had arrived home safely. Huge sighs of relief and head back down to the grind.” – Read More

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