Cool (Kids') Cabs Now Servicing Gauteng!

Safety and Technology

Cool (kids’) Cabs offers the highest safety features, setting us apart from any other transportation service for children.



All our vehicles are regularly maintained and daily checks are conducted before leaving the office, every single day.


Recognisable Branding:

Not only does this make it easy for children to identify their Cool (kids’) Cabs at collections but it means that other drivers can report our drivers’ behaviour and it works to discourage possible hijackings.


24/7 Tracking:

Anyone can install a tracking device, so what sets ours apart? The behind the scenes team who track and monitor every vehicle, every second of every day, is what makes us a cut above the rest. No driver is ever alone when on the roads! Our wonderful tracking team monitors all vehicles to ensure that vehicles are running on time, are sticking to designated routes and are at the correct pick up and drop off points. The team also monitors driver behaviour through these devices (including speeds, excessive braking etc.) This office is the source of the personalised SMS notifications which you receive on pick up and drop off. By ensuring that drivers are not distracted by phones and interruptions, we ensure that each skilled lady is fully focused on the task at hand – driving your child safely.


Onboard Camera:

In addition to live tracking, our control room has visual contact with each vehicle and its occupants, through our onboard cameras, allowing us to view what is happening in each cab.


Driver Behaviour:

Through the amazing technology in the vehicles, the control room is able to monitor driver behaviour in real time, ensuring that drivers are not speeding, braking too hard or revving unnecessarily.


Car seats:

We have our own set of car seats and ensure that every child is transported in the appropriate seat. Upon signing up to our services, we asses which would be the best seat for your child, based on their age, weight and height. Our drivers will arrive with the car seat already installed and are trained in knowing how to correctly strap your child in.


No more than 4 children:

All our vehicles carry a maximum of four children but seldom do we load that many.


No waiting:

We offer direct routes with minimal disruption to your child’s journey. Unlike bussed services, we ensure that your child is taken home promptly after school; no waiting around while other children are being collected and dropped off.



We keep track of everything that happens; from driver behaviour to the exact time of collection and drop off. Should parents wish to check any details, they are most welcome to request these reports for reviewing.



Every driver and supervisor at Cool (kids’) Cabs is extensively trained to fulfil their role. Our priority is your child’s safety and comfort while providing parents with the convenience of your children being collected and dropped off from school and extra-curricular activities.

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