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Safe on the roads…safe in the water!

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Safe on the roads…safe in the water!

This month we have formed an exciting collaboration with Super Star Swim School and Magical Moments. We are pledging to teach 45 children and five adults from the Alexandra township to swim by December in a bid to create greater awareness around water safety and to give the gift of this essential life skill.

As you know we have always bordered on obsessive when it comes to child safety. Whilst our passion is generally focussed on child safety on the roads, we appreciate the immense danger that water poses to children and think it absolutely vital that they are taught to be water safe. ‘Safe on the roads, safe in the water’ – this is what we want to see.

Each week we will be transporting these children to their lessons in our cabs ensuring they arrive safely to and from their homes with our mobile caregivers. They will then be taught by Nicki and her expert team of teachers from the Super Star Swim school.

Learning to swim is considered a luxury in this country, but the statistics of drowning and water accidents are so high that it is truly becoming a necessary life skill that should be made available to all. We want to help make that a reality for these children.

Magical Moments in Sandhurst will be the home of these lessons where the entire property has been created into a sensory world for these children.

We have taken the pledge to help educate these children to be safe in the water and to experience the joy that learning to swim can bring. We hope we can encourage the rest of the community to take up this pledge too.

Want to get involved? Please consider donating swimming caps, towels or suntan lotion for the children. You can do so by getting in touch with Nicki at




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