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Does your child’s driver have a Professional Driving Permit and why it is important.

Did you know that, in order to render a driving service, or more aptly, in the event that you are paid to drive, it is a legal requirement that you are in possession of a valid Professional Driving Permit (PDP).

A Professional Driving Permit licence applies to the following vehicles*
• a minibus weighing more than 3 500kg or designed to carry 12 or more people (the driver included)
• light motor vehicles, indicated in the economic sector for carrying passengers for reward (taxi-cab)
• a motor vehicle designed to carry 12 or more people
• any vehicle for which an operating licence is issued

It is also important to note that “you should be 21 years or older to hold a PDP for a passenger vehicle”

In order to obtain a PDP licence you need to have all of the following.

• have a valid driving licence for the type of vehicle in question
• have been certified as medically fit by a doctor
• do not have a criminal record for (in the past five years):
• driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a drug having a narcotic effect
• driving a motor vehicle while the concentration of alcohol in your blood or breath exceeded a statutory limitation
• in the case of an application for a category P and D permit, an offence of which violence was an element.
• have never had your driving licence suspended
• have never been convicted of a criminal offence or paid an admission-of-guilt fine.

Further to this, all vehicles being used to transport passengers are required to be in possession of the relevant operators permit.

So why is this important?

Every one of our drivers, as a prerequisite for application, must have a PDP. These are kept current and valid at all times. Our vehicles are also equipped and registered with valid permits, issued by the Department of Transport.

*We have chosen to highlight the vehicles that relate to passenger transportation
Information was obtained from the South African Government website, more information can be obtained here.

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