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Hi! I am Tiffini, Owner and Founder of Cool (kids’) Cabs!

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Hi! I am Tiffini, Owner and Founder of Cool (kids’) Cabs!

Many moons ago, when I was only a one year old, my father was killed in a car accident caused by a well-meaning friend. His actions that night altered the course of mine and my family’s destiny irrevocably.


I grew up in a reasonably conservative household, headed up by a powerhouse of a woman, whose day job was (and still is) teaching. Despite having lost her husband in the untimeliest manner, and having been required to step up and raise four children, my mum gave us a lifetime of rich memories and stubborn determination.


My father’s death has, for the longest time, demonstrated to me the very real concept of ‘intent versus impact’ and driven me towards a commitment to safety on the roads. My mother’s stubborn determination and desire for the best to be drawn out of each of us, has been a driving force behind my push to creating Cool (kids’) Cabs. Her ‘can-do’ attitude certainly laid the grounds for my strong beliefs in the power of women, and certainly motivates much of my desire to keep Cool (kids’) Cabs a woman dominated environment!


At present, I am a mom (biologically), a foster mom as well as a crisis mother… currently, my home is filled with the joy of five tiny humans (Sophie-Mae (5), Harvey (3), Baby C (1), Baby M (6 months) and Baby T (6 weeks)who I am blessed to be entrusted with. I thrive on the juggle that is working mom life and am grateful every day for the amazing lessons my children teach me. Although I started Cool (kids’) Cabs back in 2009 before any of my children were around, I realise now the huge impact these little souls have had on me improving the offering that Cool (kids’) Cabs has for parents.


The language of Motherhood is universal. It knows no race, religion, culture nor creed – whatever your background, economic status, educational level or location, your only desire is for THE BEST for your children. I am yet to meet a mother for who this is not the driving factor behind their daily actions. It is with this in mind that Cool (kids’) Cabs was born, and developed! When it comes to your child’s safety – NO PARENT should have to compromise. Safety is a basic human right and it is my belief that this places a non-negotiable requirement on all suppliers to ensure that every precaution is taken, especially when transporting children.


With my understanding of parenthood maturing and growing daily, my steadfast commitment to safety is only cemented. I know firsthand how it seems insurmountable to allow these sweet little cherubs to travel alone with another person. However, I know too well that the pull between professional and personal lives can literally make a parent feel split into two… and with this knowledge, I knew that it was (and still is) an absolute necessity to create a SAFE, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL and ACCOUNTABLE service that parents could entrust with their most precious little beings. Cool (kids’) Cabs is built on the understanding that every child is ‘the only child’ that matters! We completely get that each child is the entire world to their family and so our overriding ethos is that of safety – every single thing we do is under the umbrella of this value.


As a mom, I wouldn’t ask you to trust me with your child if I weren’t 100% confident in our team. Each driver is assessed, and my dependence on this service for daily school runs speaks volumes about my trust in our drivers and behind the scenes team!

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