The safest scholar transport in South Africa

Who is a Cool (kids’) Cabs driver? Let's meet her ...

She is trained in defensive driving techniques and hijack prevention.

All our drivers are regularly trained in how best to handle any situation on the road and receive extensive childcare training.

She attends ongoing training on road and passenger safety.

All our drivers regularly undergo training in all areas such as hijack prevention, first aid, defensive driving and much more. We have extremely high standards that our drivers adhere too at all times.

She has police clearance

All our drivers have a completely clean record. Before any of our drivers come on board, we do extensive background checks to ensure that not only does she have police clearance but a clean record in all areas to ensure she is the safest person to drive your child.

She has passed our 7-point driving assessment.

This includes:

  • A written theory test with 85% pass mark
  • An on-the-road driving test
  • An extensive interview
  • A five-day extended interview
  • Two to four weeks of tandem driving with a senior driver
  • A defensive driver course
  • Hijack prevention training
  • First aid course
  • Various internal courses as well as car seat installation training,
  • Solo driving
She is trained in car seat installation.

All our drivers know exactly which car seat to use for your child and how to correctly install it. Every journey.

She has a valid PDP at all times.

All our drivers have a valid PDP as the most basic requirement when transporting your child on the roads.

She is a low risk driver

All our drivers have extensive driving experience and we scrutinize their driving history to ensure they are a low risk driver.

She is always a female driver

Statistically female drivers are safer. That combined with the stronger emotional connection we believe female drivers have with children means that we will only ever employ female drivers.

She wears clear Cool (kids’) Cabs branding

All our drivers wear fully branded and recognisable uniforms. This means that they are always easy for your child, their teacher and parents to identify. Our branding on our vehicles and on our uniforms ensures that we are always visible to the public which in turn acts as an extra safety measure.

She always wears a name badge.

Our drivers will always have their name badges on so that they can be easily identified.

She wears bright, easy to recognise uniforms

Our uniforms are bright in colour making them easy to recognise – we stand out in a crowd!

She has proven childcare experience.

An experienced driver for your child is not enough. You need a mobile caregiver to also ensure your child’s well-being at all times. As such, all our drivers are extensively trained in childcare so that your child not only gets to their destination safely but that they feel safe and secure.

Experienced caregivers, expert drivers.