Cool (Kids') Cabs Now Servicing Gauteng!

Onward and upward!

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Onward and upward!

We are delighted at the expansion of our fleet! Last week, Lebo and Pauline took delivery of two more vehicles – bringing our fleet to 22 cars! As many of you will know, we running a long waiting list and we look forward to being able to service many of those patiently waiting, with these vehicles.

We are excited to announce that we have eight more cars in the pipelines and hope to have these all mobile within the course of 2016!

Thank you all for your loyal support! We love providing the safest transport to you and your children!

To avoid any delays, we now have stock of our decals and a wonderful team, including four year old Sophie-Mae, who can apply these to new cars as they arrive. This means no delay between vehicles arriving and being branded! This is an exciting development which means that our vehicles are easily identifiable from the second they arrive at our warehouse!

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