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Live Tracking in all Vehicles

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Live Tracking in all Vehicles

There’s a false sense of security that exists when a parent hears that a vehicle is ‘tracked’, because in reality, when services offer this, it simply means that the vehicle is fitted with a tracker with the primary purpose of stolen vehicle recovery.


Whilst this sounds great, a tracking company is only interested in a car if it is stolen, which doesn’t cover 99% of the time your child is in the vehicle… and so it’s not REALLY helpful. As a parent, you should be certain that someone has eyes on your child every second of every day. Think about it; a tracking company isn’t interested if your driver stops to run a personal errand whilst your child is in the car and doesn’t bother to check-in to see why the driver is running late to your collection.


This is what makes us different!


Just like the Cool (kids’) Cab, the Cool (kids’) Cabbie offers live tracking. This is vastly different to the standard anti-theft devices installed into most cars. Every Cool (kids’) Cab and Cool (kids’) Cabbie features state of the art technology that allows us to have eyes on every single vehicle in REAL TIME, while the vehicle progresses along the roads. Our highly skilled ladies at our centralised control room stations oversee this and ensure that all our vehicles are on track and where they should be.


Live tracking at Cool (kids’) Cabs means that whenever a driver is on the road, an office-based supervisor is watching her in real-time, and supporting her on her journey. She’s also connected to the cab via a sophisticated system which allows her immediate communication with the driver. Through this system, the tracker communicates important information to the driver.  This may be in the form of redirecting her should she get lost, or be bound for traffic. This ensures that there are never any unauthorised stops and verifies that your driver is at the correct point on both pick up and drop off.

Our live tracking is a vital part of our service. We know the importance of having eyes on your children at ALL times. And so we ensure that your driver is NEVER alone! Our Centralised Control Room is a hub of activity, with our skilled trackers carefully monitoring your child at all times!


Under the watchful eye of the Tracker, you can be certain that the vehicle has no unauthorised stops with your child on board. You can also be assured, that whilst in that important meeting, you’ll receive your verified SMS notification of collection and drop off. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the control room will dispatch assistance. And in the event of an accident, our advanced tracking systems will ensure that an impact alert is sent directly to the control room in order to get assistance with emergency personnel.


Our drivers are backed by a powerhouse that ensures they can exclusively focus on getting your child to where they need to be safely and comfortably. Our live tracking is just one of the major differentiating factors when making use of Cool (kids’) Cabs and Cool (kids’) Cabbies.

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