The safest scholar transport in South Africa

Lap belts are not enough to protect your child!

We’ve all been in that situation. You are travelling in a vehicle, most likely in the backseat, and you realise there are only lap belts available. It’s better than nothing so you clip yourself in. As an adult you are offering yourself some form of protection although in reality you are not protected sufficiently if an accident were to occur. But, what about a child? A lap belt is NEVER enough to protect your child’s body. Without a full 3-point seatbelt, and the appropriate child restraint in place, your child’s life is at risk. Simple.

Did you know that when you are in an accident travelling at just 60km/hr, an unsecured one litre bottle of water will fly through the air with a force of 60kgs? Now imagine if that was your child? At 60km/hr, a 15kg child suddenly becomes a 900kg projectile! Their bodies are simple not developed enough to withstand the force of an accident when in a lap belt. Without full body protection, the likelihood of their torso slipping out of the lap belt on impact is incredibly high; further, the chances of massive internal and spinal injury is terrifying. Not convinced? Watch this video:

And what about smaller children? If your child is in a car seat, these CANNOT be correctly installed by using only a lap belt – you need a full 3-point seatbelt to ensure it is secure. For most private vehicles, there will be enough 3-point seatbelts in the back to ensure your children are all strapped in safely. If you have more than 2 children, however, beware of vehicles that only provide lap belts in the middle seat as this means one of your children will not be protected.

And what about public transport? Most public transport only provide lap belts – that means that no matter how diligent your provider is, they CANNOT safely transport your child in a car seat. In taxis, buses and other larger vehicles used for group transportation, you will often only find a lap belt…if that. Your child needs better, they deserve better. Demand more for your child and push your school to use a transportation service that only has full 3-point seatbelts on EVERY.SINGLE. SEAT.

In South Africa the legal requirements for public transport are shocking. Legally they only require children under the age of three to travel in a car seat in a private vehicle. Which means the government can justify not installing full seatbelts in public vehicles. No parent should have to worry when their child goes on a school outing and just hope that their child will be ok or correctly strapped into a car seat. You should never be ok with your child’s life being at risk!

Our newly launched, The Big Yellow Bus, is here to meet the demand of parents across the country. The first bus in the country will full 3-point seatbelts and properly installed car seats on EVERY. SINGLE. SEAT. It is the safest way to get your child from A to B and it should be a non-negotiable when it comes to your, and your schools, group transportation needs.

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