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Kid friendly holiday venues in South Africa

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Kid friendly holiday venues in South Africa

The end of the year school holidays are around the corner. The summer holidays are probably the most looked forward to holiday in South Africa. Travelling with children changes the way you travel and in order for your getaway to be relaxing and fun, there does need to be activities for the children to do, even if it is just a swimming pool.

We have put together some of our favourite holiday destinations in South Africa that are family friendly.

Standford Hills. This gorgeous venue located at the foothill of the Klein River Mountains in the Western Cape has something for everyone in the family.  There is swimming, wine tasting, mountain biking and more available in the resort. There is also a restaurant on the property and a play area for the children. If you would like to take a time out they do offer baby sitters on request. There is no need to leave this gorgeous destination once you arrive.Child Friend South Africa | Cool (kids') Cabs

Rainbow Glen. If you are looking to escape reality for a while then Rainbow Glen is the destination. Located in the quaint little town of Montagu this little town will definitely recharge you. Rainbow Glen is a self catering resort with a variety of activities to keep your children occupied. There is a great variety of restaurants and shops in the centre of this little town, which is a short walk from Rainbow Glen. Child Friend South Africa | Cool (kids') Cabs

You will never go wrong with Sun City. The valley of waves provides hours of fun for the kids. There is a stunning golf course for the golf lovers and there are 2 5-star spas, perfect for mom to unwind. There is a variety of accommodation in the resort from self-catering to the 5-star Palace.

The Cavern Drakensberg. This gorgeous venue is located in the Drakensberg and is surrounded by mountains, forests and streams. It is the perfect family getaway and offers everyone the opportunity to unwind and relax. The resort has fly fishing, hikes, horse rides, swimming and more available at the resort. There is also a spa on the premises that is open 7 days a week. Child Friend South Africa | Cool (kids') Cabs

Pine Lake Marina, Sedgefield is a popular destination with over 20 activities on the property. Pine Lake offers self-catering accommodation with units up to 4 bedrooms, ideal for larger families or families travelling together. If Pine Lakes appeals to you, you need to make sure you get your bookings in well in advance to avoid disappointment. Child Friend South Africa | Cool (kids') Cabs

Where are some of your favourite holiday destinations?

Remember if you are travelling to make sure your children are safely buckled up at all times. If you are flying to your destination make sure you check with your airline as to what the best way is to ensure your car seat is safe and looked after during the flight. We have put together a some Cool (kids’) Cabs Car Seat Guides to help answer any questions you may have.

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