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Introducing Top Dog

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Introducing Top Dog

We launched our outdoor branding last year with the Working Mothers Expo. Our aim with this offering was to partner with brands that we believe in and how can help you, as a working parent. We are proud to introduce our new partner, Top Dog Online Education.

Top DTop Dog|Cool (kids) Cabsog is a world-class, e-learning platform that provides educational resources for both school-going and corporate-level learners. Top Dog personalises your child online studying experience by modifying the course material in real time to make sure that they receive relevant content to meet their current needs.
he Top Dog programme is suitable for all learners from grade 4 – 12 and supplements both the private and government school curricula and aims to help learners to reach their full potential. It is an affordable programme that starts from R20 a month and can be accessed any time anywhere.

Cool (kids) Cabs is excited to have the Top Dog branding on all of our cabs and we believe that this is a great programme for your children.

Even though our cabs do have a completely new look, they will always be easily identifiable as Cool (kids) Cabs. Each cab has a topper on identifying them as a Cool (kids) Cab. Our drivers will always be dressed in their Cool (kids) Cabs uniforms on and you will receive all your drivers details before your child is collected.

Top Dog|Cool (kids) Cabs

For more information on Top Dog you can visit their website.



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