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How to minimise your risk of being hijacked

Every 32 minutes a hijacking takes place in South Africa – that’s a horrifying 46 cars hijacked every day. As a driver, and as a parent, how can you deter someone from picking you as a hijacking target? How can you lessen the risk that you or your children will become a statistic?

We’ve identified these tree simple steps to make you less of a target:

  1. Make it visible that you have children on board.

A hijacker does not want the complication of children in the car. It turns a car theft into a kidnapping which is taken much more seriously by the SAPS. As such, make it as visible as possible that you have children on board.

Family/baby on board stickers on the back window are a good idea as well as ensuring your car seats are visible. It is also advisable to not block your back windows – as parents we often do this to shade our children from the sun or because we don’t want strangers looking in, however it can put you more at risk.

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

  1. Don’t leave any valuables visible.

A bag or a cell phone on the front seat could encourage a hijacker or smash and grab thief to target you. Don’t leave anything visible to entice them.

  1. Avoid unmarked vehicles.

The biggest targets for hijackers are unmarked vehicles. As parents, most of our cars are unmarked so this is unavoidable. However, this should strongly be considered when you choose an external transport provider to lift your child. If the vehicle is heavily branded and easily recognisable then it is considerably less likely to be hijacked. Hijackers do not want to draw attention to the cars they have taken and, often, they have been tasked with stealing a certain type of car, so a branded vehicle is an added complication for them.

Cool (kids’) Cabs is well aware of the risks of being on the roads and the added risk of travelling with children. As such, all our drivers are fully trained in hijack prevention and how to handle a hijacking situation should it occur. All our vehicles are tracked and monitored from a control room allowing us to have eyes on the vehicles at all times. Our vehicles are also heavily branded which act as a major deterrent to hijackers.

It’s no secret that South African roads are dangerous. We take the safety of the children we transport extremely seriously and will do anything possible to ensure that we minimise any potential threat to your child while in our care. You should expect nothing less from someone who is transporting your child.

If you have any questions regarding our hijacking training or procedures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on .