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Helping You Achieve Balance

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Helping You Achieve Balance

“Parenting is full of bitter-sweet moments. When my boys tell me that they love when their Cool Kids Cabs driver, Harriet, picks them up from school…that’s sweet. When they tell me that they love it more than when I pick them up…well, that’s bitter. However, knowing that they are safe, and being cared for so that my wife and I can get our work done really does take that bitterness away!”

– Terence, dad of two


When we started Cool Kids Cabs, we wanted to give parents more sweetness, and much less bitterness. We knew that a lot of the distasteful moments in parenting came when moms and dads had just too much to juggle. Work, school, extramural activities and all the driving that has to happen between all of that can present a nightmarish, unsolvable problem for most families.


Parents usually have to choose between the anxiety of managing a chaotic diary or the anxiety of not knowing if your child was being transported safely to his or her destination. The fact is, parents should never have to wonder if their child is properly strapped in to an appropriate car seat, or whether they were dropped off at the right point, or if they felt comfortable with the person driving them around South Africa’s roads.


Cool Kids Cabs is the solution to all of that. Here’s one mom’s experience:


“This week. This gloriously productive week. Not having to interrupt my working day with the school run has meant that I’ve had more time and emotional reserves to get my work done. Instead of doing the mad-dash at 12:30, I would glance at my phone to see the confirmation of collection SMS. Two seconds for reassurance, another two when the next SMS told me that the boys had arrived home safely. Huge sighs of relief and head back down to the grind.”

– Julie, mom of two


Here’s the truth: we know that parenting is hard. We know that you love your children and want them to be safe and to feel safe – that is why everything we do, from SMSing you when we pick up and drop off your child, to continually training our drivers in a range of driving and childcare skills, has your child’s welfare as the goal.

Let us help you ease the daily juggle by making your child’s transport one thing you don’t need to worry about. Contact us here to get a custom quote to serve your family’s needs.

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