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Driver Training

We pride ourselves on having a team that is committed to delivering quality service that makes your child feel at ease when travelling with one of our expert drivers. Each driver is carefully selected and thoroughly screened before having the opportunity to drive for us.

Our drivers must meet all of the requirements listed below, before being considered to join our team:


Minimum 5 years accident-free driving experience
Police clearance (conducted at the time of hiring)
Child-care experience
A valid PDP
An eagerness to work with children



Once we have interviewed the candidates, scrutinized their references and conducted a child-related practical evaluation, we follow an extensive process (detailed below) to ensure that every team member is adequately trained and prepared for their role within Cool (kids’) Cabs.


Written theory test that requires over 80% result to pass
On the road driving test that requires applicants to sore low-risk
Extensive interview
Three-day extended interview, working with a senior driver
Two – four weeks of tandem driving with a senior driver
Defensive driver course
First-aid course
Internal course on car seat installation
Solo driving


Our interview process includes several courses that are specialised and provide individual training, where our potential drivers are given both theoretical and practical training. All aspects of driver awareness are dealt with, including traffic management, dealing with distractions, hi-jack prevention techniques, proactive skills, concentration, and minimizing risks.


Upon completion of the provided training, a driving evaluation takes place which demonstrates and highlights the standard attained by the driver. Only once the driver has completed everything outlined above, are they qualified to collect children.


If parents wish to verify this information, all these certificates, including first-aid, are available upon request.

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