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Does your child’s driver know first aid?

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Does your child’s driver know first aid?

It may not seem like something you should ask your child’s driver but it can ultimately be the difference between a life and death situation. This is an important question to ask and something every person traDriver Trainingnsporting a child should have.

Why is it important for your driver to know first aid?

Children, especially little ones, are known for putting objects into their mouth. What happens if your child chokes while in the care of your driver? Would they know what to do?

If your child stood on a bee on the way to the car, would their driver know what to do? Would they know how what an allergic reaction looks like and what to do if it is?

If your child had a seizure or stopped breathing, how confident are you that their driver would know what to do?

These are very real situations that could happen, and may have already happened with your child. It is vital that the person that is transporting them know how to handle this potentially life threatening situations correctly.

All of our drivers are sent for First Aid training before they are allowed to transport a child. Our drivers are equipped with the skills to not only administer First Aid when required but also how to ensure the children remain calm and secure.

We make sure that the courses are updated and are relevant to the job that they do, which is care for your child. It is important to us at Cool (kids) Cabs that when we transport your child, it is done so as safely as we can make it.

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