The safest scholar transport in South Africa

Do you know how your driver is recruited?

When you send your child to school you know that their teacher is qualified to be a teacher. When you visit the doctor they generally have their diplomas and certifications on the wall. Often even your beauty therapist will have their qualifications. If you are recruiting a new staff member you check their qualifications.

Did you do this with the person you have trusted to drive your child around? Do you know how they were recruited? Has it been confirmed that their driving license is legal and the correct one needed to drive passengers?

It is important to ask your child’s transportation company how they recruit their staff, this should make a difference in your decision to use them or not.First Aid Training

The drivers should, at the very minimum have the relevant driving permits to be able to transport passengers. This is the absolute minimum though and in our opinion at Cool (kids’) Cabs, it is not enough.

Drivers who transport children should be recruited carefully and properly. You are trusting them to drive around with your child, you owe it to your child to make sure that they are suitable for the position.

At Cool (kids’) Cabs we have an extensive recruitment process that all our potential drivers are put through. We do thorough back ground checks on our drivers as well as the relevant criminal clearances. Our drivers also all have childcare experience and must have been driving for a minimum of 5 years’ accident free driving.

Once they have been recruited they are sent on an advanced driving course as well as an anti-hijacking course. This is done to further ensure the safety of your child while we transport them.

This recruitment process is very important to us because we understand how important it is to you to have someone qualified and experienced transporting your child.

Cool (kids’) Cabs offers safe and reliable transportation for children on a daily or ad hoc basis. For more information or if you would like to request a quote, please contact us. You can also find us on Facebook.