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Cool Kids Cabs’ Safety Features

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Cool Kids Cabs’ Safety Features

Safety is a big part of our focus at Cool (kids’) Cabs. We have spent a lot of time, effort and money trying to figure out the best way to make sure that all the children we transport are kept safe while in our care. We have implemented the following which we believe sets us apart from other kids’ transport companies and makes our cabs the safest ones on the road.

All of our drivers received advanced driver training. Every single driver who joins our team receives advanced driving training, regardless of how many years they have been driving. This training includes, but is not limited to, anti-hijacking, staying focused.Cool Kids' Cabs Safety First

Our drivers receive regular first aid training. All of our drivers receive regular first aid training, so that they are able to deal with any situation that may arise with the child they are transporting.

Our vehicles are tracked 24hrs a day. We are able to tell you at any given time of the day where our vehicles are. This allows us to monitor the drivers, if they veer off their route we will be made aware immediately. Our amazing tracking team is behind your driver at every second of their journey – never is any of our drivers alone on the road!Cool Kids' Cabs Safety First

The vehicles have on board cameras. We can log in to these cameras at any time and are able to see what is happening in the vehicles. If something happens, we are able to immediately dispatch assistance to the driver.

SMS updates are sent to parents. An SMS is sent to parents once their child has been collected. The sms states the child’s name and the location from which they were collected. Once they have been dropped off, an sms is sent saying where they have been dropped off. This is generated by our office, who verifies this information through our amazing technology… we do NOT expect our drivers to generate SMS notifications!Cool Kids' Cabs Safety First

All our cabs are branded. All of our cabs have Cool (kids’) Cabs branding on them and all of our drivers have a very distinct uniform. This is done so that both the child being collected and the school/caregivers know that the drivers are from Cool (kids’) Cabs. If your child is collected from someone, not in a Cool (kids’) Cabs uniform and the car is not branded, they do not have to go with them.

We have our own car seats. We have a set of car seats that we use to transport every single child with. When you book with us, we assess your child and will then provide the appropriate car seat. We do not transport any child that is strapped into a car seat, booster seat or for the teens and older children a seat belt that is correctly positioned.Cool Kids' Cabs Safety

Our drivers are trained in car seat selection and installation. Each of our phenomenal staff is well equipped to assess the correct seat and install it correctly, according to your child’s age, weight and height.

Our drivers are all ladies. Our specialised team consists of moms who have experience in childcare in addition to their experience driving. We understand that transporting children is complex and sensitive and requires a very special type of person!Cool Kids' Cabs Safety

Providing safe, reliable kids transport is extremely important to us, which is why we go to such lengths to make sure that our cabs are safe and secure while transporting your child.

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