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Cool (kids’) Cabs Montrose Go-Kart Derby

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Cool (kids’) Cabs Montrose Go-Kart Derby

Montrose Primary, located in Parkmore, Sandton, is school to the first child who ever came on board with Cool (kids’) Cabs back in 2010! The family, although they have moved up to high school, is still on-board with us and we maintain a wonderful working relationship with Montrose – with many children travelling with us both to and from school daily.


It thus seems fitting that when approached, we were only too happy to get on board with their Go-Kart Derby! We are delighted to announce that we are the sponsor for the day, and the Cool (kids’) Cabs Montrose Go-Kart Derby will take place on 24 June 2016! We’ll be around on the day and wish all the competitors the best of luck…!

We hope that all participants will securely fit car seats to all their go-karts – however will stick around on the day for any installation assistance!

Cool (kids’) Cabs would love to assist any Montrose parents with safe, reliable transport of their children – if you have a child at the school, look out for our great promotion on the day!


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