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Cool (kids’) Cabs helps out at Curro Castle, Bryanston

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Cool (kids’) Cabs helps out at Curro Castle, Bryanston

It’s long been our mission to completely turn the ordinary model of scholar transport on its head. Friday 25 November 2017 saw a wonderful extension of this when a fleet of 23 of our vehicles descended onto Curro in Rivonia, to transport 60 of their two-year-old children back to the Curro Castle Bryanston campus.

Knowing full well that, ahead of our arrival, the only viable option for these children was a school bus ill-equipped to safely transfer such small bodies, I felt a personal accomplishment at the feat!

Every one of the little bodies was in a correctly fitted, suitably sized car seat which took consideration for not merely their age, however also their height and weight in totality. Each of our Cool (kids’) Cabs Drivers is well equipped to assess the correct seat for your child, and is well trained in installing each seat correctly.

We strongly believe that when transporting children, simple driving skills are insufficient. For this reason, all our experienced drivers are up-skilled in childcare related courses, in addition to the extensive driver training they receive.

Witnessing our drivers interact with this large group of tiny humans was testament to their amazing abilities with children. From easing first meeting nerves, to entertaining on the short trip, each of the 23 ladies who assisted on this day was simply fantastic.

The feedback from Curro was phenomenal, and we were delighted to have been able to offer the service to the school on this day!

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