Cool (Kids') Cabs Now Servicing Gauteng!

Cool Kids Cabbies

What is Cool (kids’) Cabbies

Over the years we have been approached repeatedly and pushed to extend our service to a bussed service, and whilst the economics would certainly be favourable, we are simply not willing to compromise on our promise of safety and remain steadfast in our belief that bussing children is not a safe option.


If you’re already onboard with us, you will know that we are unrelenting in our commitment to ensuring that every child is in the correctly fitted and appropriately selected car seat at all times. With almost all commercial busses only having lap belts, it is simply not possible to ensure that a child is correctly strapped into a car seat within the South African context… until now.

What can you expect from Cool (kids’) Cabbies?

The Cool (kids’) Cabbie is a 7-seater vehicle equipped with all our normal bells and whistles, which means you still get:

Features Cool (kids’) Cabbies Cool (kids’) Cabs
Trained LADY driver
Maximum children per car 6 Children 4 Children
Onboard Cameras
Live tracking
24/7 Office based monitoring
Collection Times Predetermined collection times Personalised collection schedules based on your child’s activities
Availability Available at select schools only Customised to school and extra mural roster
Appropriate car seats
SMS Notifications

The only material difference, aside from the cost, is that Cool (kids’) Cabbies can carry a maximum of six children, at predetermined collection times, from fixed collection points to select destinations.


Very importantly, and to our great excitement, the Cool (kids’) Cabbie is fitted with a full seatbelt on every single seat and is fitted with car seats all round.


There is no compromise! We are just making our award winning-service more accessible to everyone in this cost-effective, group lifting model.

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