Cool Kids Cabbies

The Cool (kids’) Cabbie is a 7-seater vehicle equipped with all our normal bells and whistles. That means onboard cameras, live tracking, SMS notifications, hands free communication, car seats and more. The Cool (kids’) Cabbie is also driven by a highly skilled lady driver, just like her big sister, the Cool (kids’) Cab.


Unlike the Cool (kids’) Cab, the Cabbie has predetermined collection times, set by us. This is what makes this service a more affordable option. Each school that this service is offered at, has a collection schedule and clients are free to pick from any of the allocated time slots. A maximum of six children will be collected at this time, with children traveling to similar areas being grouped together to minimise time on the roads.


During conception phase, every detail has been thought of. This includes avoiding vehicles which are high on the hijacking list. When choosing the vehicle to operate on this service, it was essential to us that, unlike many buses, this vehicle had full seat belts on every seat, ensuring that every child could be correctly strapped into a car seat at all times.


Using a Cool (kids’) Cabbie, affords you the same state of the art safety features of a Cool (kids’) Cab, in an affordable form!

Trained LADY driver Trained LADY driver
Max. 4 children per car Max. 6 children per car
Onboard Cameras/td> Onboard Cameras
Live tracking Live tracking
24/7 Office based monitoring 24/7 Office based monitoring
Personalised collection schedules based on your child’s activities Predetermined collection times
Able to customise to your school and extra mural roster Available at select schools only
Appropriate car seats Appropriate car seats
SMS Notifications SMS Notifications

The major difference between the two services is that Cool (kids’) Cabs are completely personalised to children’s specific collection schedules whilst Cool (kids’) Cabbies run on a predetermined collection roster. The Cool (kids’) Cab is able to carry a maximum of four children whilst the Cool (kids’) Cabbie is equipped to take up to six children.

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