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Consider age, weight AND height when choosing a car seat

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Consider age, weight AND height when choosing a car seat

When you chose a car seat for your child, it is not enough to use their age, weight or height in isolation when you decide which car seat will work the best. It is essential that you look at your child’s age, their weight and their height together when making the decision.Car Seats | HarassedMom

Below are the ages and weights of the children in the image.
Child 1: 4 years old 18kgs
Child 2: 2 years old 13.5kgs
Child 3: 4.5 years old 11.5kgs
Child 4: 4 years old 18kgs
Child 5: 2 years old 10.5kgs

It is clear from this comparison that you cannot use one of the three factors in isolation when determining what seat your child should be in. The two fours year olds, by many accounts, would be ready for a booster seat – they exceed 15kgs. HOWEVER, neither is even close to being mature enough. They are also both too short to be moved from a five-point seat. It’s essential that the five-point harness being used is capable of handling 18kgs though (so remember this when selecting!)

Child 3 – who is the oldest, is actually shorter and lighter than many of those younger than her. Although her age would indicate that she may be nearing a booster, she is even further away from this move up because she is physically too small. Even many five point harnesses, on convertible seats, may actually be too big for her, she is short and her head will not sit correctly within the side impact ‘wings’.

The two year olds also pose a challenge – child 2 is solid (and bigger than child 3 who is 2.5 years his senior), however his skeleton still only has the maturity of a 2-year-old, this is why age is so crucial. He may be starting to indicate size wise that he is big enough to make the move from a ‘baby chair’ however the selection of his next seat is essential – it needs to cater for his immaturity (age wise) coupled with his larger physical size.

As you can see there is no “one size fits all” solution when deciding when to move your child to the next car seat and which one will be the best fit for them. You need to take into consideration a few factors, including your child’s maturity. Moving your child to a bigger seat before they are ready can mean that they are not safe in their car seat.

Cool Kids’ Cabs takes car seat safety very seriously and all their children are transported in age appropriate car seats, provided by Cool Kids Cabs, so there is no need to worry about dropping car seats off with your child. Teens and older children will always wear their seat belts and our drivers are all regularly trained in car seat safety, so they will check that seat belts and car seat straps are correctly fastened.

#CarseatFullstop | Cool Kids Cabs

Cool Kid’s Cabs are proud supporters of the #CarseatFullstop campaign. For more information on this initiative you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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