The safest scholar transport in South Africa


Are you letting a stranger transport your child? Part 2

We have looked at the dangers of entrusting a stranger to transport your child on the road, but what about at the crucial points of pick up and especially drop off? Is your driver a caregiver and therefore thinking about the child’s needs as well as their safety? And what does this actually entail? We…

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Are you letting a stranger transport your child? Part 1

For the average person, using public transport or transportation companies is just standard practice. However, any parent knows that when it comes to transporting children there are a myriad of concerns and questions that need to be addressed. That said, it is strange to think that many parents are increasingly happy for seemingly ‘vetted’ strangers…

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What to do if you are hijacked with children in the car!

It’s a horrible thought but one that South African parents need to make themselves aware of. You could be hijacked and worse, it could be at a time when you have your children in the car. So, what do you do? How do you react to give yourself and your children the best chance of…

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How to minimise your risk of being hijacked

Every 32 minutes a hijacking takes place in South Africa – that’s a horrifying 46 cars hijacked every day. As a driver, and as a parent, how can you deter someone from picking you as a hijacking target? How can you lessen the risk that you or your children will become a statistic? We’ve identified these…

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Why is branding so important? Part 2: Our uniforms

We’ve talked about how important it is to have branded, easy to recognise vehicles when transporting your child. But why do we need branded uniforms on top of this? Is it necessary? One of the top questions we are asked by parents is “How will my child identify their driver?” We understand the stress this…

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Why is branding so important? Part 1: Our vehicles

It’s no secret that our vehicles are clearly branded. Our awesome cab toppers are the first thing anybody sees on our cabs and they make them unmissable! But why stand out like this? Is it really that important? The simple answer is yes! Our branding forms part of our commitment to safety. Our easy to…

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When can my child sit in the front seat?

We know what it’s like. The begging and pleading from your children to sit in the front seat can make you feel pressurised to make this transition. However, this decision really should not be taken lightly! There are so many factors at play and things to consider before you should allow them to make this…

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Safe on the roads…safe in the water!

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

This month we have formed an exciting collaboration with Super Star Swim School and Magical Moments. We are pledging to teach 45 children and five adults from the Alexandra township to swim by December in a bid to create greater awareness around water safety and to give the gift of this essential life skill. As…

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