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Car Seat Safety

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Car Seat Safety

Often we are asked what differentiates us from other services on the market. Whilst we could go on about our many amazing differentiating factors, this post focusses on something close to our hearts – CAR SEAT SAFETY.

Car seats are a real passion of mine – and I am so thankful to be surrounded by a team of ladies who shares my vision. Every single Cool (kids’) Cabs’ driver is extensively trained in car seat installation and is well versed on who should be in what seat.

South Africa, as a whole, is very complacent about car seat safety – yet statistics indicate that car accidents are a leading cause of death in children. And of those who are killed – the large majority are either not harnessed in or incorrectly fitted to a seat.

At Cool (kids’) Cabs, each of our employees knows that three factors are required to determine the right fit – AGE, WEIGHT and HEIGHT.

It’s essential that we understand that these factors need to be looked at holistically – my five year old may be taller than yours, their car seat requirements may differ. When collecting a child, not only will a driver make assessments based on this, they will also ensure that the seat they select is correctly fitted to the vehicle and your child.

Incorrectly fitted seats are massively dangerous… are you certain that yours is fitted correctly and of the appropriate size for your child?

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