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Car seat expiration dates are important

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Car seat expiration dates are important

Did you know car seats have an expiration date? They do and they are really important.

Generally, a car seat “lasts” 6 years but if you check your car seat it will have a date on that says something like “Do not use after” and this will be the expiration date. Sometimes the date can be found on the sticker that contains the make and model number. The dates on the labels may not necessarily be the expiration datCar Seat Expirationse unless they explicitly state otherwise.

Does this date really matter? Well consider food items in your cupboard, would you serve them to your child if they are past their expiration date? Probably not, so why place your child in a chair that is past its expiration date. The date would not be on the chair in the first place if it was not important.

Car seats are made from plastic and over time this plastic becomes brittle, especially if your car is parked in the sun regularly (like many of our cars are in South Africa). A brittle car seat means that it is also a weak car seat which can result in your child not being adequate protected should you be in a car accident.

Generally, your child will outgrow their car seat before the expiration date but if you keep the seat for a possible sibling, only use it if the seat has a minimum of one year left before it expires. If it is past the expiration date, then it may be wiser to rather purchase a new car seat.

Cool Kids’ Cabs takes car seat safety very seriously and all their children are transported in age appropriate car seats, provided by Cool Kids Cabs, so there is no need to worry about dropping car seats off with your child. Teens and older children will always wear their seat belts and our drivers are all regularly trained in car seat safety, so they will check that seat belts and car seat straps are correctly fastened.

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Cool Kid’s Cabs are proud supporters of the #CarseatFullstop campaign. For more information on this initiative you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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