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Can you really be productive when worrying about your child during the pandemic?

You have a busy day ahead and even though the impact of Covid has enabled (or should we say enforced!) an element of flexibility and the opportunity to work from home. So many of us working moms find ourselves even busier than before juggling back-to-back Zoom calls and not being able to separate our workspace from our personal and family time.

Then on top of it all, we need to keep track of our children’s ever-changing school schedules and think about school lifts, which now take twice as long as they used to because of the protocols and resultant queues at drop off and pick up. Furthermore your schedule doesn’t even allow for this additional task in the day and you’ve had to get an au pair or to arrange a lift. Who is fetching them? How will they get home? Are there proper measures in place to ensure your child’s safety – both while being transported in someone else’s vehicle, as well as considering all the complications around Covid-safety too!

These are some of the concerns that go through our heads as parents while we sit with the guilt of sitting through yet another meeting. Additionally while you are in that meeting, how productive are you really? You are sitting there watching the clock tick while you know that your nanny or someone you have entrusted with the task is picking up your child. Will it all go smoothly? You are more focused on your phone so that if an emergency call comes through you do not miss it, while trying to look as relaxed and focused as your co-workers (if you’ve got your video on!). Which begs the question – how productive can we really be with all the interruptions that ensure we have to chase after our children in addition to getting our work done?

At Cool (Kids’) Cabs, we completely understand your situation. What is more worrying about our children is not something that ever goes away. However, if you have entrusted them to someone you can truly rely on, then we know that worry eases, and you are able to have a productive day functioning to the best of your ability.

What can you do to ensure their safety?

Here are some tips to give you the peace of mind you need when you have had to entrust your child to someone else:

  • Make sure you use someone or a service you trust completely. It will make all the difference in the long run. Ask them what their Covid-protocol is, and what prevention mechanisms are in place.
  • Does someone have eyes on your child at all times? Use a lifting service or provider that has systems in place to track where your child is.
  • Do they have your contact details? Ask whoever you have entrusted your child with to send you a message when they are safely at home or at their extra-mural. And, make sure they have your details to contact you in case of an emergency. But think hard about this because if you are asking a driver to multitask, you could be placing your child at risk again.
  • Do they know how to handle an emergency? What if your child chokes on something or they are in a car accident? Are you confident they will put your child’s needs first? Are they trained in CPR?

Life as a working mom, indeed, life as a mom – be it as a homemaker, professional or entrepreneur – is much more challenging than what we get credit for, and taking care of your children while managing work often seems an impossible task. However, you can give yourself the peace of mind to focus on your day and to truly excel at the tasks at hand by choosing the right person or provider to entrust your child with.

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