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Bounce Mega Mania

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Bounce Mega Mania

I will be the first to admit that in the past, I would struggle to shake the mom guilt if I wasn’t the one with my children, thinking that I had somehow failed them or that they would have to settle for second best. The guilt drove me mad and very nearly killed me… until I found my tribe.

The truth is that I HAVE to work. Sure, I love my job and have a fierce passion for what I do, but even if I didn’t want to work, I NEED to work because we just don’t have the economy where it is feasible for me to stay at home, especially if I want to give my children everything that I hope to.

School holidays have become quite stressful (for me). In fact, my six-year-old – thanks to her school labels which boast my cell phone number – has worked out how to speed dial me and can also Facetime me from her iPad, which you’d think is great for emergencies. Only, it’s not so great when the barrage of phone calls labours the reasons why she is having “THE WORST HOLIDAY IN THE WORLD” and is “sooooooo bored she could cry”. Oh, how I love the school holidays. You make me feel like such a wonderful mother!

“I’m so glad my six year old has learnt to Facetime me.” Said no working mother of a child on holiday. EVER.

Being a working mom is never easy but school holidays are particularly tough, especially when you don’t have nearby family who can step in and assist with the kids. So, when the first round of school holidays came knocking, I realized that if I didn’t find or a hire a tribe soon, my kids would end up feeling very isolated and alone in what should be a highlight of every childhood.

I feel like a mighty rotten human not being able to provide a fun filled day for my kids while they’re on holiday. Sure, they could go out with friends, but I am not willing to have them travel with just anybody yet. I have taken serious public flack for this but I stand by it; I feel way too out of control in a friend’s car where I am not able to specify and control car seat usage and where nobody is monitoring speed. How would I know if the parent had used a cell phone en route or if they were watching my sweet children in public? Ok… so I am a tad neurotic, but that’s just how I roll with my (and YOUR) kids on the roads.

That’s why I am so insanely excited about the wonderful deal that we have running with Bounce. I have always been a huge fan of Bounce; not only am I a regular in their amazing BounceFit classes, but I absolutely love what they stand for as a company. The Bounce team is phenomenal with my children, and I love having them there, gaining confidence in the air and enjoying an activity that is healthy for their minds and bodies!

With this amazing collaboration – you’ll get a collection from your home, a personal escort to Bounce as well as two hours of supervised play time in one of the awesome Bounce facilities! That’s two hours of fun under the trusted supervision of both our highly skilled drivers as well as the Bounce marshals. That means there are always eyes on your children, ensuring that they are enjoying their time and staying safe at Bounce!

The point of partnering with Bounce is reassuring working parents that their kids are not just be carted from point ‘A’ to ‘B’. As a mom who gets it, I’d like to know that there’s someone who genuinely cares about my children and is taking time to get them pumped to have fun and enjoy their time at Bounce! That’s where our super cool staff come in! They are SO much more than just drivers! SOOOO much more! If you don’t believe me, check out the fab time that Siphokazi had with Ava and Hannah at Bounce last week!

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