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Is your child ready to move to a booster seat?

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Is your child ready to move to a booster seat?

This infographic shows exactly how to determine if your child is ready to be moved to a booster seat. It can be very tempting to move your child to a booster seat, but before you do you need to make sure they are in fact ready.

Also remember a few things need to be considered before moving your child from one car seat to another one, so even if your child’s current car seat says “up until 5 years” but your child is below the average weight they may not be ready to move to a booster seat yet.

A very important consideration is the maturity of your child. A booster seat does allow a little more movement and they are able to unbuckle themselves easier, so you need to make sure your child understands that they need to remain in their booster seat and not try to unbuckle themselves.

Booster Seat

Before purchasing a booster seat, take your child with and place the booster seat into your car so you are able to check how your child is positioned once the seat is strapped into your car.

Cool Kids’ Cabs takes car seat safety very seriously and all their children are transported in age appropriate car seats, provided by Cool Kids Cabs, so there is no need to worry about dropping car seats off with your child. Teens and older children will always wear their seat belts and our drivers are all regularly trained in car seat safety, so they will check that seat belts and car seat straps are correctly fastened.

#CarseatFullstop | Cool Kids Cabs

Cool Kid’s Cabs are proud supporters of the #CarseatFullstop campaign. For more information on this initiative you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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