Cool (Kids') Cabs Now Servicing Gauteng!

Awesome Feedback

Cool (Kids’) Cabs – Reliable and Safe Transport for Kids

Awesome Feedback

We LOVE starting our week out with awesome feedback from clients! This is Johan with our dearest Pauline – we love the twinkle in both their eyes! These pictures were snapped by Johan’s mom, Tania, and sent in to us as means of thanks for the awesome service they have received!

Our drivers take personalized care of all their charges – from ensuring they are correctly fastened into the appropriate car seat, to getting out of the vehicle and giving cuddles; making sure all ‘our’ children feel safe, secure and well cared for whilst in our vehicles! We are so pleased that, on his first week traveling with us, Johan is already comfortable with his new driver and chariot!

For a personalized quote for our ‘childcare on wheels’, please get in touch with us at!


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