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Are you letting a stranger transport your child? Part 2

We have looked at the dangers of entrusting a stranger to transport your child on the road, but what about at the crucial points of pick up and especially drop off? Is your driver a caregiver and therefore thinking about the child’s needs as well as their safety? And what does this actually entail?

We believe this is what you should expect from someone who transports your child:

    1. They should pick up your child at the requested spot on time and in full visibility of school staff. Your child should be able to recognise the driver and feel safe to travel with them. There should be hardly any difference between this driver collecting your child or you doing it yourself.
    2. Your driver should make your child feel happy and comfortable on the drive home; asking them questions about their day and generally making them feel secure. Your child might have had a bad day or might be upset and your driver should know how to appropriately handle this.
    3. What will your driver do when they drop your child off at home? Will they just let them out the car and drive off? This poses a huge threat to your child’s safety! Your driver should help your child out the car, take them to the door, and ensure they are met by their home caregiver whether that is a parent, nanny or grandparent. They should never drive off without ensuring that your child is safely inside and that they are not alone.
    4. Will your driver be able to handle the unexpected or are they focused on their next pick up? Your driver should be able to handle anything your child throws at them, both literally and figuratively, and do so in a calm and safe manner.


In reading through the above, we feel many parents will question whether their driver truly delivers. There are very real dangers when transporting children and especially when collecting them and dropping them off. If you can’t be there in person, surely your child deserves the next best thing. And that isn’t a stranger, not even a seemingly vetted stranger! This has to be a caregiver who is also a qualified driver and whose primary focus is on safely transporting your child and ensuring their well-being.

Your child deserves to not be put into potentially dangerous situations, and you deserve to not have to worry that something could go wrong when you can’t be there.

At Cool (kids’) Cabs we understand this and it is at the core of what we do. We are the caregivers when you aren’t able to be and we take this job incredibly seriously.