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Are you letting a stranger transport your child? Part 1

For the average person, using public transport or transportation companies is just standard practice. However, any parent knows that when it comes to transporting children there are a myriad of concerns and questions that need to be addressed. That said, it is strange to think that many parents are increasingly happy for seemingly ‘vetted’ strangers to lift their children when you consider the specific training these drivers need to have in order to properly manage children.

So why exactly does your driver need to be specifically trained? Your child needs so much more than just a driver when on the road. Yes, they need to get from A to B but placing them in a vehicle with someone they don’t know, and someone you don’t know, poses a huge risk to their safety for many reasons.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself before entrusting an external provider to transport your child:

  1. Does your driver know how to communicate with children? This may seem like a fairly general question, but your driver should be able to relate to your child and make them feel comfortable. This requires being able to talk to them appropriately and knowing how to respond to any questions or concerns they may have.
  2. Does your driver know how to handle your child if an accident occurs? What if the car is in an accident or hijacking situation? Would your driver know how to keep your child calm and safe? Handling your child properly in this situation, whether injured or not, is crucial. Would they call you straight away?
  3. Will your driver expect the unexpected from a child? Your child could be having a bad day and could throw something at the driver or fight with their sibling in the backseat. How would your driver handle this situation to ensure everyone stays calm and the tension is resolved? Who are they answerable too if they don’t handle this properly? As the parent, if your driver is not monitored, you are likely to remain unaware of how they really treat your child unless your child talks to you about it later.
  4. If you transport your nanny in the car with your driver, are you putting your nanny in a fair position? We understand this is something many parents do in order to keep their child happy, however, you are actually placing your nanny in an extremely difficult position as she has no real control over the driver or vehicle and as such is relatively powerless when it comes to protecting the child you have put in her care.
  5. Does your driver know what to do if your child falls ill or chokes in the car? Would your driver know how to apply CPR or the necessary first aid?

Many parents feel that for the most part their children will just behave in any vehicle and will be safely deposited where they need to be. However so often these children are being put in real danger on the roads. Your driver may have been ‘vetted’ and seemingly safe but what does that really mean? Criminal checks in this country often don’t explicitly include offences such as sex crimes. In order find out if someone has been convicted of a sexual offence you need to contact the National Child Protection Register separately – a vital part of a background check but one which many providers might not undertake. This is highly worrying for parents in a country where crime and violence is so high.

At Cool (kids’) Cabs we believe you need to expect the unexpected and our drivers are trained for that. Each driver attends regular courses on how to interact with children and to handle any situation they may face either on the road or in the car. The live tracking and onboard cameras also mean that should any situation begin to escalate, our team can assist and parents can be notified immediately. We also only hire female drivers whose backgrounds are thoroughly checked.

These are your children, the most precious part of you. We understand that and ensure every child is treated as our own. A stranger or just a driver does not. Our drivers will never be strangers to you or your child. We ensure every driver meets with the families before lifting commences to keep your child (and you) feeling safe and secure. You shouldn’t want anything less for your child.