The safest scholar transport in South Africa

The safest scholar transport in South Africa

Changing the world, one seatbelt at a time!

It’s virtually impossible to be in two places at once!

Yet, the busyness of our lives, and the activities of our kids, often requires it. But, how do you make it all happen?  Not even the “superhero” parent can juggle all the “fetching and carrying” or back ‘n forth that’s required; AND keep some level of sanity (or their job!).

With a little help you CAN do it all!

With Cool (Kids’) Cabs at the wheel, you never have to worry about the stresses of advanced planning, carpools, asking another parent for a favour (again!), or needing to take time off work.

We provide the simple, stress-free solution to ensuring your child has every opportunity to learn and grow.

Your life just got a whole lot easier!

On demand, personalised lifting at times that align with your schedule.

Accessible group lifting which runs on specific routes at specific times.

Accessible group lifting for schools and other organisations for tours and excursions, as well as fixed, routed collections. The Big Yellow Bus provides for larger groups of children to be lifted to and from school from pre-determined collection points.

We aren’t your usual school transportation service ... we’re mobile caregivers.

What sets us apart from other transport providers?

Scholar transport has a bad reputation… and it SHOULD. We’re here to turn that narrative on its head, and provide a one-of-a-kind experience, based on safety and personalisation.

We are safety-obsessed. Your child’s safety comes first ... always!

Meet Our Driver - She ...

  • is always a female driver

  • has a minimum of 5 years accident free driving experience

  • is trained in defensive driving techniques and hijack prevention

  • has an updated first aid qualification

  • is trained in car seat installation

  • has proven childcare experience

  • and so much more ...

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Live Tracking

Every single journey, in every single Cool (kids’) Cabs vehicle, is tracked and monitored by our control room. We have a dedicated team whose only job is to track these vehicles at all times, ensuring your child’s well-being. They can communicate with the driver if needed, and with the assistance of our onboard cameras, can view every journey you child makes.

Our drivers are never alone on the road!

From assisting with traffic updates to communicating any urgent messages that are needed, our tracking team are your eyes and ears when you aren’t there. Our drivers are never allowed to use their cell phones so all hands-free communication happens through them. They are available to you 24/7!

Our drivers (aka mobile caregivers)

are extensively trained, and our vehicles are specifically designed to keep your child as safe as possible. We invite you to take a closer look at what that looks like.

All our services include:

Fully trained lady – drivers

Being a good driver is just not enough. Our experienced team are expert drivers AND caregivers, ensuring that your child is being treated like the little human they are, and not like a parcel. We regularly train them all extensively in; Defensive driver training, First aid, Car seat installation, Driver etiquette, Appropriate conversations with children, Hijack prevention and Safe travels with children training, and much more!

24/7 live tracking

All our trips are monitored in real-time by our dedicated team in our tracking centre.

Onboard cameras

These allow us to monitor every move, every seatbelt click and every smile!

Car seats

You know that car seats save lives, but did you know that it is not a legal requirement for registered operators to use appropriate child restraints? We think this is criminal! Every child in EVERY Cool (kids’) Cabs vehicle is strapped into a well maintained, appropriate car seat which takes their age, weight and height into consideration.

Daily safety checks

All our cars are thoroughly checked by our team before they leave our head office. Every day! No car is allowed to leave without undergoing this safety check.

Sms notifications

These are sent directly to your cell phone at every pick-up and drop-off, providing you with the needed peace of mind that your child is safe. Because we know that any distraction on the road reduces your driver’s ability to perform, no driver ever generates these notifications and all are sent from our centralised control room, whilst tracking your child in real time.

Recognisable branding

From our branded cars with cab toppers to our clearly branded uniforms and name tags, your child will always be able to spot us. Anywhere. Anytime. The public is always able to act as an extra pair of eyes as we are so visible on the roads. 

We have driven millions of injury-free kilometers over the past 10 years! We believe your children deserve the best - demand more for your child!

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